Our Mission

Pushing forward the frontiers of health and knowledge


Today we have solved the problem of sequencing genomes at scale. By 2025, more than 500 million human genomes will be sequenced, creating more data than YouTube and Twitter combined. These mountains of precious genomic data hold the answers to some of the biggest challenges faced by medicine.

Our NUMBER ONE CHALLENGE is to mine this data for knowledge, to arrive at insights that will change how medicine is done, how people live and how we thrive.

To realise these breakthroughs, we must face the overwhelming conundrum of extracting meaningful insights from massive data that is distributed, complex, and inaccessible to most.

Existing approaches are piecemeal, addressing only parts of the problem and ignoring fundamental issues such as data privacy and security. Furthermore these approaches tend to be prohibitively expensive, requiring very specialised expertise and technologies.


Our solution is already solving the problem of analysing vast amounts of distributed and previously inaccessible genomics data. We do this with one operating system platform that enables federated analysis and powerful automation, no matter where data resides, no matter what compute infrastructure is employed.


Lifebit’s operating system is designed for data security. We believe organisations and researchers should never be forced to move sensitive data from one place to another. That’s why we created the first fully federated genomics platform that integrates and accommodates all best practices and full compliance models, where data privacy and security are always assured and collaboration across teams is seamless.


Whether drug discovery, diagnostics, predicting drug response, or developing personalised wellness models, Lifebit’s technology creates new collective understandings from complex distributed data. With our partners and customers, we are helping to form a more integrated landscape of knowledge that enriches life and enables tangible breakthroughs.


At Lifebit, machine learning and AI underpin our solutions and processes. Targeted discovery, design, trials and treatments are empowered and propelled by machine learning techniques. Our AI Engine enables a truly intelligent approach to developments in all areas of life sciences, drug discovery and precision medicine.

Our Story

We are a dedicated team of bioinformaticians, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs transforming the way bioinformatics is performed.

At the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona, our founders, Dr. Maria Chatzou Dunford and Dr. Pablo Prieto Barja, worked on solving the problem of scaling reproducible data analysis over any system. The resulting open-source workflow language, Nextflow, now powers the majority of organisations performing production scale genomic analysis.

It was a major leap forward for bioinformatics. But we weren’t satisfied.

The genomics sector still faces barriers, where vast quantities of complex data are distributed and inaccessible. Inability to perform analyses across this data is impeding progress in precision medicine and life sciences breakthroughs.

We needed a way to allow anyone to access and manage data, analyses, workflows and compute resources. Our wishlist included GitHub-like versioning and audit-trailing, real-time collaboration across teams no matter where they are, smart cost control, and a much faster path to actionable results. Above all, we wanted a single unified federated platform that brings compute-to-data, instead of the other way around, so sensitive data would never have to be moved.

It didn’t exist. So we set about building a full stack solution to completely transform the way bioinformatics is performed. We invited leading scientists, bioinformaticians and researchers to test and deploy our platform in their labs and organisations.

And they loved it as much as we do.

Meet Lifebit CloudOS, the fully federated cloud operating system that brings a new approach to bioinformatics data analysis and management, enabling anyone to speed, scale and orchestrate their analyses within their own environments. The evolving challenges of precision medicine and multi-omics data analysis led us to further develop AI Engine, the deep learning system that reasons about DNA like humans do.

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