Gain the Benefits of Data Sharing Without the Risk

Let’s face it. Some data isn’t meant to be shared with everyone. A data clean room allows for sharing data without the risks of exposing proprietary or restricted data — curate data from your select network of organisations, biobanks, projects and researchers.

A data clean room is a safe place that allows multiple companies, or divisions of a single company, to bring data together for joint analysis under defined guidelines and restrictions that keep the data secure. A clean room created in a data federation facilitates data access, exchange and collaboration while offering reassurance that it is safe and no data ever moves.

Clean Room Models

  • Perpetual.


    A secure workspace where sensitive data is accessible to select people for ongoing analysis.

  • Provisional.


    Time-limited access without exchanging data custody or being able to download data.

Lifebit Advantages

Grant Access Privileges.

Grant Access Privileges

  • Set sophisticated organizational, team and single-user access and data-use permissions.
  • Define not only who can access data, but how each organization and researcher can manage it.

Define Usage Rules

  • Guarantee data is utilized as proposed by publishing and enforcing rules related to each datapoint within the clean room.
  • Keep a record of acknowledgement of terms for full security.
Define Usage Rules


  • Implement data controls to prevent restricted data visibility.
  • Create regulatory restrictions within the terms that must be accepted by everyone accessing the data within the clean room.

Data Security

  • Take advantage of the security and audit measures built into where your data is provided.
  • Track data access and use within the clean room with detailed logging and auditing.
Data Security