Lacking data and targets?

The industry’s biggest challenge is that it is difficult to obtain enough usable and actionable data that result in novel drug targets. This makes even the best organisations fall behind the competition.

10+ Years


Drug discovery is a long process, often taking over 10 years to find the right targets

Unusable Data

Data is not standardised and is difficult to access

Limited Insights

Analyses are limited to pre-configured tools

Unverifiable Insights

Difficult to verify targets without clinical records


Connect to the world's unused data to obtain novel therapeutic insights

We believe that all data that can be used to cure disease, should be used.

  • 150+

    Biobanks and Population Genomics initiatives
    making their biomedical data available

  • 10M+

    Datasets within our network,
    ranging from cancer to rare diseases

  • 100M+

    Real World Evidence data points
    in our real time learning knowledge graph

With the right data, you move from...

struggling to discover blockbuster drugs


becoming the Blockbuster of drug discovery

Top pharma companies trust us to help them identify and connect
to datasets of interest.

Get to the right targets, with the right data

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By sharing their wealth of expertise in genomics and biodata science, and empowering our scientists with the technology and skills to leap-forward our research, Lifebit demonstrated it is the industry leader providing true end‑to‑end solutions that embrace all community standards.

Dr. Anne Deslattes Mays

Principal Computational Scientist

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