Why an Enterprise Bio Data Exchange

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In recent years, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, national governments and private biobanks have focused primarily on curating and securing clinico-genomic data from patients and locking them into data vaults. However, sharing their valuable data sets and collaborating with their internal teams and external stakeholders has been an oversight. R&D teams are beginning to realise that they are massively impacted by the difficulty of working with clinico-genomic datasets locked behind inflexible technology barriers or prohibitive regulatory laws. Lifebit’s CloudOS solves this industry problem of accessing the inaccessible and using the unusable.

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Traditional Data Approaches Create a Value Gap for Drug Research

Traditional Data Approaches.

Pharma, governments and research organisations have been investing in traditional data analysis approaches, such as building data lakes/warehouses and trying to download data to get meaningful insights. Yet, researchers remain frustrated with the difficulty and slow pace of using these methodologies to meet their analysis and insight-generation needs.

Simply put, there is a gap between the potential value of data sitting locked up in data lakes and warehouses and the ability for researchers to realise the potential for drug discovery. This is because organisations have focused on collecting and centralising the data rather than making it accessible, standardised and convenient for analysis.

Getting Data into the Hands of Researchers

Lifebit CloudOS bridges the gap between data usability and security by creating a common research data layer.

Create a Unified Data Consumption Layer

Lifebit CloudOS doesn’t do away with the need for data lakes or warehouses. It extends them to work better with internal and external clinico-geno datasets. Lifebit CloudOS fits seamlessly into your data technology stack, expanding the investments you’ve made in data lakes, warehouses or other systems.

Lifebit Advantages

Make Data Easy To Find, Understand and Use Efficiently.

Make Data Easy To Find, Understand and Use Efficiently

  • Transform clinico-genomic data into a self-service data product. Provide seamless and easy analysis to end-users.
  • Use a platform that will help organise your job well by publishing curated data products to an intuitive data federation.
  • Actively manage your data – review usage metrics, get insights into researchers needs and continuously evolve your data strategies.

Manage Access and Safeguard Security

  • Provide a fully self-serve environment while maintaining full data-access control.
  • Manage data-access plus use flexible policies and full auditability.
  • Restrict data-access and downloads to maintain data custody and security.
Manage Access and Safeguard Security
Distribute Data Ownership and Collaboration

Distribute Data Ownership and Collaboration

  • Move away from centralized data ownership and control by allowing domain specialists to work as data product managers.
  • Give your colleagues access to data and the freedom to use the data with their favourite tools.
  • Bring researchers, analysts and engineers to one secure workplace.
    Let them work together and get results faster.