Accelerate Your Data Business With Lifebit

Suppose data is the cornerstone of your business. In that case, Lifebit lets you quickly use a data marketplace without risks, complications, losing the time and resources to build and maintain it.

With us, you can accelerate time to commercialisation of your data and increase demand of your data by tapping into the largest data-consumer network. We enable data-consumers to maximise the value of data by enabling joint analysis between your data and their data. We do this with one operating system that enables federated analysis and powerful automation, no matter where data resides.

Lifebit Advantages

Accelerate Launch of a Branded Marketplace.

Accelerate Launch of a Branded Marketplace

  • Avoid the challenges of building your own data marketplace, and the profitability hit of 3rd-party non-scalable and non-federated solutions.
  • Instead, leverage our multi-year investment in a patented platform that you can deploy in just days.
  • Take full control of your brand, policies and processes while using Lifebit CloudOS.

Streamline Data Product Delivery

  • Allow self-service data access for researchers and team members.
  • Let the platform create insights for you and your clients, support your and their work and make it easy and delightful.
Streamline Data Product Delivery
Increase Revenue - Minimise Costs - Eliminate Risks

Increase Revenue - Minimise Costs - Eliminate Risks

  • Increase income and profitability with value-added or bespoke items.
  • Combine or customize existing products to quickly meet unique customer needs.
  • Relax - cost-recuperation taken care-off end-to-end. Lifebit CloudOS fully monitors and manages the billing of data usage costs, risk-free!

Upgrade Your Customer Experience

  • Deliver a world-renowned user experience through a custom-branded portal.
  • Bring your data, favourite tools and collaboration all within seconds.
  • Cater to various customer needs with an intuitive platform for sharing, delivering and analysing data.
Upgrade Your Customer Experience
Keep Control of Data Products

Keep Control of Data Products

  • Say goodbye to the days that selling data meant losing control of it.
  • Allow access and usage of your data, without giving it away.
  • Benefit from flexible access controls and restrictions.