Bring the analyses to your data and simplify your work

Deploit integrates with all major cloud providers to bring the computation to your data.

  • Plug your private or public cloud storage and analyze the data without unnecessary bottlenecks and costs.

  • Keep your data where you have it, in your control.

  • Leverage gold-standard publicly available datasets.

Choose your pipelines

Get seamless collaboration with the whole ecosystem — Deploit is not only about new pipelines. Quite often, it is the well-established and tested pipelines that matter most. Transfer, integrate and utilize all of your own or the community's analytical pipelines in one place.

  • Use Lifebit's library of industry-standard pipelines.

  • Access the community's favourite pipelines.

  • Create your own. Plug any pipeline simply by providing the Git or container identifier.

Deploit integrates with the way you work:

Run analyses

Get straight to insights. Deploit automatically manages the infrastructure, configuration and deployment of your data analysis, at scale.

Get insights

Learn From Previous Analyses — Improve Future Work

Deploit's AI algorithms convert information from previous analyses into ‘experience’.

So don't stop at just getting results! Optimize your results! Get suggestions of pipelines and datasets best suited to your questions, as well as predictions of the required resource utilization to analyze the data in the fastest and most cost-effective manner.

Verify. Share. Repeat.

  • Verify.

    Get Full Auditing at Every Step

    Deploit provides a detailed, permanently available, end-to-end audit trail which guarantees the integrity of your results. The audit capability combined with permission-based access to ‘read-only’ pipelines and configurations, ensures also regulatory compliance (EU GDPR, FDA 21 CFR Part 11) with zero effort.

  • Share.

    Bring Your Work to Life

    Share your work with your team or the community in a Google Drive fashion. With Deploit, all the computational analyses described in your papers or project logs can be permanently linked to live analyses pipelines, enabling full reproducibility and transparency.

  • Repeat.

    Get Reproducible Analyses in a Single Click

    Rapidly repeat analyses, eliminate errors and obtain consistent results, in a reproducible manner, by easily reusing any former configuration.