Helping biobanks drive their research forward, today

Let’s face it- current solutions that try to deal with the massive amounts of data generated by biobanks are woefully inadequate. With data from more than 100M human genomes coming our way over the next 5 years, biomedical data is becoming more siloed and distributed than ever.

We need a solution yesterday.

At Lifebit, we help population genomics initiatives keep pace with rapid technology advancements and exponentially growing quantities of data. By adopting a federated approach, we help you eliminate inefficiencies and ensure omics data is easily accessible, no matter where it resides.

Our white papers and guides will equip you with the knowledge to better manage your growing and diverse data. From federated analysis, collaboration, and scaling workflows, to cloud/hybrid HPC, and applying AI to data discovery, Lifebit lays the foundation for your breakthrough insights - driving your research forward, today.

Happy learning from Team Lifebit!

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