Lifebit’s unrivalled industry knowledge and commercial perspective enables us to provide in-depth insight, practical expertise and intelligent solutions. Our track record with our clients speaks for itself. We have an eye to helping our clients see how to use technology to do business in a different way. From Project Management to developing and integrating complex IT solutions, we have the knowledge and experience to help you use technology to transform your business. Our commercial team helps facilitate discussions and negotiations with leading cohorts around the world to access valuable patient and participant data.

Our network of government-sponsored and private medicine programmes is ever-expanding with currently over 70 working relationships with programmes in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. In addition to fostering these relationships, our team has extensive experience in designing sustainable technological solutions and cost recuperation models.

Data landscape

Pharma-Biobank Consortiums Building

  • Tap into large network of government-sponsored & private precision medicine programmes around the world
  • Facilitate data access negotiations between data custodians & data consumers

Federation-first Strategy

  • Presenting distributed datasets as one
  • Breaking down data silos
  • Running joint analysis
  • Keeping control of data products
  • Deliver on Enterprise Data Federation - streamline data product delivery
  • Establish federation with third parties - ensure seamless customer & user experience
  • Launch branded marketplaces & federated data clean rooms
Data transformation
Data security

Sustainable Cost Models

  • Design, recommend & implement sustainable cost recuperation models
  • Increase Revenue | Minimise Costs | Eliminate Risks