We leverage our team’s vast experience in data curation, harmonisation, standardisation and integration to transform our clients’ datasets in the form required for rapid, collaborative and integrated analysis using both open source and custom tools. Lifebit’s data and domain expertise, combined with our active involvement in global biobank initiatives, top-pharma projects and open science communities, allows us to advise on and implement customised open source solutions while you remain in control of your data. Lifebit’s flexible framework supports a variety of public and private data sources, including EHR records, multi-omics data, clinical studies, among others. Our team works with clients to optimally transform and integrate the relevant data from each source, enabling seamless integrated analysis.

Data landscape

Data Landscape

Inventory & characterisation of external &/or internal sources across whole firm

  • Data quality & FAIR-ness assessment, recommendation &/or improvement-implementation. FAIR blueprint for data strategists.
  • FAIR-ness & Integrated Data Maturity assessment compared to the industry. Case studies & benchmarking.

Data Transformation

  • Data curation, quality checks definition & development
  • Data modelling (e.g. OMOP, FHIR, i2b2/Transmart), semantic modeling (e.g. RDF, OWL etc.)
  • Data mapping, standardisation & harmonisation
  • Data standardisation & harmonisation
Data transformation
Data security

Data Security

  • Ensure patient privacy & data protection
  • Setup of pseudo-anonymisation procedures

Data Management

  • FAIR Data Operations
  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Metadata management
  • Semantic modeling
  • Monetisation
Data management