Data-driven businesses perform only as well as their IT infrastructure. Lifebit’s expertise in creating the world’s only patented federated technology, combined with our experience in powering global biobank initiatives and top-pharma projects, has equipped Lifebit with a unique federated, cloud-native and built for the Genomics 2.0 blueprint. This blueprint not only helps our clients adapt to change quickly, it powers innovation and enables new business models. Whether our clients are going full-tilt to cloud or taking a hybrid cloud approach, our team of experts works with them to adapt the blueprint and develop infrastructure that is right for their needs. Lifebit’s Infrastructure Services cover the full spectrum of needs and guarantees an infrastructure that unlocks our clients’ vision and unleashes unprecedented performance.

Data landscape

Cloud Consult & Infrastructure Landscape

  • Cloud-native Maturity assessment compared to the industry. Case studies & benchmarking.
  • Cloud First Strategy that leverages hybrid cloud/HPC capabilities - exploiting the benefits of public cloud while maintaining the control our clients need with private cloud to enable dynamic and optimised workload placement.

Cloud Migrate

30 days to Cloud - From using digital to becoming digital

  • Lift & Shift workloads & applications/pipelines
  • Transform & accelerate cloud journeys & speed migration
Data transformation
Data security

Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Operations

  • Extensive support for AWS, Google Cloud and Azure to enable multi-cloud migration
  • Hybrid Cloud - Lifebit's cloud offering provides an extensive collection of services covering design, building, migrating, and operating across HPC and cloud environments. It establishes the foundation for digital-ready operations through the transformation of legacy IT to a future-ready as-a-service delivery model.
  • Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Support- transforming infrastructure to an enabler of business agility through a combination of software-defined infrastructure, automation & continuous deployment
  • Eliminate production delays & minimise turnaround time
  • Premier Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner - Lifebit works with organisations worldwide to engineer robust, secure, cloud-native analytical platforms on AWS. Our AWS Cloud Solutions Blueprint enables you to speed clinico-genomic data innovation, scale business services, improve operational agility and transform into a modern, data-driven enterprise.

Federated Architecture

Deliver Enterprise Data Federation

  • Presenting distributed datasets as one & breaking down silos
  • Creating a unified data consumption layer
  • Staying in control of data & environment
Data transformation
Data security

HPC | Hybrid | Cloud Security

Bolster your cloud security posture with a sound security strategy

  • Infrastructure security assessment
  • Blueprint for ultimate Access, Data, System and Physical & Environment Security & Compliance