Lifebit’s team has pioneered some of the most transformational and widely used open source technologies in the Life Sciences space, invented the world's only patented federated technology and led breakthrough scientific discoveries. As thought leaders in Science, Drug Discovery and Precision Medicine, our team is uniquely positioned to guide our clients through the entire transformation journey - from the initial research question to full-scale analytics and predictive workflows. Our team of experts work closely with our clients to access, design and build FAIR bioinformatics and AI workflows in containerised or workflow framework-based (Nextflow, Cromwell/WDL) forms.

Translational informatics

Science, Drug Discovery & Precision Medicine Services

Translational Informatics & Clinical/Multi-omic Analyses - receive expert input & consultation on how to:

  • Combine multi-omics & clinical data to unlock the power of complex datasets
  • Generate & test hypotheses by identifying the best data & analysis
  • Perform integrated projects, clinical/multi-omics data analysis & complex data interpretation

Population Genomics - receive expert input & consultation in the following how to:

  • Easily create & analyse custom cohorts, based on shared genetic & phenotypic variants
  • Conduct GWAS, calculate allele frequencies, among other population level analyses
  • Federate and connect to other government-sponsored precision medicine programmes & private cohorts globally
Population genomics
Clinical diagnosis

Clinical Diagnostics & Precision Medicine - receive expert input & consultation on how to rapidly develop & deploy clinical diagnosis analysis & perform patient stratification

Drug Discovery - receive expert input & consultation on how to perform:

  • Faster & more accurate biomarker discovery
  • Drug repositioning
  • Drug safety profiling
  • Pathway analysis & drug target validation
  • Immune response profiling
  • Vaccines/adjuvants optimisation

Bioinformatics Services

  • Maturity/Adoption assessment of best practices & community standards in data, processes, workflows & technologies - Recommend &/or implement strategies to increase adoption/maturity
  • Workflows/pipelines assessment & design
  • Workflows/pipelines optimisation to adhere to FAIR, cloud-native & platform-agnostic principles - recommend &/or implement strategies
  • Production workflow development - containerise (Docker/Singularity) &/or code in scalable workflow systems (Nextflow &/or Cromwell/WDL)
  • Blueprint for establishing collaborative analysis & work-continuity & automation - focus on the science & not IT infrastructure management
  • Tailored bioinformatics training programmes
Bioinformatics services
Data security

Advanced Analytics & AI Services

  • Assessment of readiness to adopt AI (AI data-readiness, technology, skill-level etc.) - recommend &/or implement strategies to increase AI-readiness
  • Assess, design & recommend best strategies & practices for Integrated & multivariate analytics, Federated Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural language processing & Predictive analytics
  • Cell-response simulation