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Automate Repetitive Bioinformatics Tasks with Nextflow & Deploit

Wasting your time with repetitive bioinformatics tasks & want an automated solution?

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DeepVariant Pilot Program

Need to access Google Brain’s new deep learning technology in just one click?

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The Highly Anticipated AI Engine is Here

Ready to experience the transformative potential of Distributed Machine Learning on your data?

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Researchers & Developers First

Want to supercharge your research & focus on results, rather than computational hassles?

Want to use cloud to scale your analysis, but worried about the cost?

Wish you had a simple, plug & play solution, rather than a difficult, purpose-built infrastructure?

Deploit is here to help. We believe that getting actionable insights from your data is a problem rooted in code, not science. We obsessively seek out elegant, composable abstractions that enable intelligent, automated, scalable & flexible ways to analyse your data. Because we eliminate needless complexity & extraneous details, you can get up & running with Deploit in just a couple of minutes.

The complete AI-powered toolkit for omics businesses

Are you a start-up or SME who wishes you could set-up, run & scale your omics analysis in minutes with no extra cost?

Are you a core facility or sequencing lab who is seeking to automate your omics analysis?

Are you a large enterprise looking for true innovation, instead of blackbox platforms that don’t integrate with the way your people work best?

Deploit is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Whether you are creating a platform for clinical or consumer genetics or drug discovery, our meticulously-designed self-service platform & APIs provide unmatched functionality, helping you deliver the best possible product for your users.

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Lifebit Integrations

Speed up your research by safely sharing your data and results with other scientists in the ecosystem.