Population Genomics 2.0

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Bringing the Population Genomics Community Together
genomics analysis bioinformatics at scale cloud-native omics precision medicine

Powering Genomics England's Trusted Research Environment

  • Biobank Data Browser, Jupyter, analysis pipelines, AI & visualisation interfaces
  • 10,000s of clinical & phenotypic variables
  • 1,000s of annotations
  • 3 Billion + genotypes
  • 10 Million + individuals
  • Unified Digital Research Environment
  • GEL's own cloud
Now available for every pharmaceutical organisation, biobank and research institute!

The advanced capabilities of Lifebit's environment will allow us to unlock the potential for the UK population genomic data to contribute to target discovery, functional genomics and advanced clinical design.

- Chris Wigley, CEO of Genomics England

Lifebit CloudOS

The only fully federated system for GitHub-like, cloud-native, integrated omics & biomedical analyses

Lifebit CloudOS
  • My team GitHub-like collaboration & versioning
  • My results 30x faster than industry standard DIY
  • My data secure in my environment
  • My cloud/HPC 80% cheaper
  • My workflows ready to plug-n-play

"It's like having 6 more hours a day!"

Use cases

    AI Engine

    Delivering transformational drug-discovery insights via end-to-end AI-powered solution

    AI Engine for drug discovery
    • Immune response profiling
    • Vaccine adjuvants optimization
    • Drug repositioning
    • Drug safety profiling
    • Drug target validation

    Our clients & partners

    "I am incredibly excited that Lifebit and AWS joined us to launch the next phase of our research capabilities. Beyond the immediate focus on COVID-19, the advanced capabilities of the Lifebit and AWS environment will allow us to introduce contemporary bioinformatic workflows for researchers in rare disease and cancer research, unlocking the potential for the UK population genomic data to contribute to target discovery, functional genomics and advanced clinical trial design."

    – Chris Wigley, CEO of Genomics England

    "Lifebit CloudOS has transformed the way PGP handles raw genomic data. Now tens of thousands of researchers can easily access ready-to-use rich datasets, speeding their analyses and discoveries. Lifebit's technology has revolusionised the way researchers of all levels can seamlessly access, analyse and collaborate on ever-growing PGP data."

    – Dr. Stephen Beck, Director, Personal Genome Project

    "By sharing their wealth of expertise in genomics and biodata science, and empowering our scientists with the technology and skills to leap-forward our research, Lifebit demonstrated it is the industry leader providing true end-to-end solutions that embrace all community standards. Lifebit CloudOS abstracts the complexities of cloud so our researchers can efficiently collaborate and manage all aspects of data management and genomics analysis in on unified place."

    – Dr. Anne Deslattes Mays, Principal Computational Scientist,

    The Jackson Laboratory

    "Lifebit CloudOS removes the obstacles faced by researchers; its federated, user-friendly approach makes complex and distributed omics data and analysis effortless, without data ever moving. Completely agnostic to the costumer's HPC and cloud infrastructure, workflows and data, it is unlike any other genomics platform as it brings powerful computation to data wherever it resides with 100% guaranteed security. Lifebit CloudOS is a game changer, and has far reaching sector agnostic applications..."

    – Prof. Philip Beales, Chief Medical Officer, Congenica,

    Founder & Director at UCL P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator

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