Learn from previous analyses – improve future work

  • It simplifies and automates your analyses.
  • We don’t stop at providing users with results. Our technology learns from previous analyses and converts it into "experience".
  • It suggests the pipelines and datasets best suited to answer your queries, while predicting required resource utilisation for each job.
picture showing continuous improvement, automation and learning
picture showing cloud computation at lower price directly from the lifebit platform

Your cloud – 80% cheaper

  • Save time from deploying and monitoring data analyses.
  • Get the most robust, fully-featured platform to run and orchestrate cloud computation for data analysis.
  • Scale with no limits and reduce computing costs by up to 80% by leveraging excess cloud capacity without compromising on availability.
  • Use our powerful debugging and monitoring tools to perfect your pipelines.

Seamless collaboration with the whole open-source ecosystem

  • Bring the computation to public or private data wherever it may be.
  • Use the open-source and custom tools you know and like.
  • Don't miss out on any of the latest pipelines and data – we guarantee that!
  • Plug and play – with zero onboarding and zero configuration.
picture showing Lifebit's integrations and ecosystem
picture showing user-focused, fully-compatible system built around data and pipelines

Your cloud – Your pipelines – Your data – Always

  • Our open design and compatibility puts the user at the center, always.
  • Don’t get locked into proprietary or incompatible systems.
  • Retain full ownership of your data and pipelines - these remain fully transferable and reusable.

Bring your data analysis work to life

  • Escape static spreadsheets or text documents. Transform the way you work with live information.
  • Turn every analysis project into a "Google Drive" style one.
  • Don't just describe your computational analyses, link them to live analysis pipelines and achieve full reproducibility and transparency.
  • Get everything that matters to you in one place.
picture showing data integration and analysis

Lifebit Integrations

Speed up your research by safely sharing your data and results with other scientists in the ecosystem.