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Biobanks present unparalleled research opportunities, some following upwards of 500,000 volunteer participants, providing genomic and clinical data to approved researchers from academia and industry.

However, accessing and utilising datasets of this magnitude is cumbersome and time-consuming.

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Introducing the Lifebit Biobank Data Browser

Lifebit CloudOS. The Federated Digital Research Environment for population genomics

Browse intuitively. Explore thousands of phenotypes and clinical records and billions of genotypes. Compare custom cohorts. Collaborate across teams. In seconds. At scale.

Explore effortlessly. Speed discovery.

Powerful Biobank Data Browser

Lifebit CloudOS integrates the powerful Biobank Data Browser to expertly handle the scale and complexities of biobank data. Browse and explore thousands of phenotype fields and millions of genomic variants, build and compare cohorts, and execute multiple analyses - seamlessly.

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JupyterLab Environment

JupyterLab integration enables you to use text editors, terminals, data file viewers and other custom components side-by-side with notebooks in a tabbed work area.

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Extreme Scalability, Performance & Security

Lifebit CloudOS is engineered to scale complex analyses across massive datasets, no matter where they reside. Performance optimisation guarantees extreme speed to actionable insights. Meeting industry’s most stringent security requirements, compliance with ISO27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and GxP/ICH is assured.

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Federated Digital Research Environment

Lifebit CloudOS’ federated architecture means distributed data is unified in one place, distributed applications can be instantly integrated, and global collaboration is a reality. Costs and time associated with data transfers are substantially reduced or eliminated.

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“With Lifebit CloudOS, our pipeline runs over distributed data using federated capabilities, providing immediate access to infinite compute resources... simplifying work processes and ultimately bringing important discoveries to patients faster.”

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Lifebit CloudOS allows researchers to easily access, discover and leverage diverse multidimensional biobank and other data, to perform deep analytics and arrive at meaningful insights rapidly.

Biobank Data Browser, Jupyter, Analysis pipelines, AI & Visualisation interfaces

10000's Clinical & Phenotypic data

1 Million + Annotations

3 Billion + Genotypes

Nucleotide positions per genome (x 2 alleles)

10 Million + Individuals

Lifebit CloudOS

Unified Research Environment

Your Secure Cloud and Distributed Data

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